Make them sick, then pray and care for them

The Catholic Church and its representatives actively discourage the single most effective measure to prevent HIV infection and spread, condoms. In the developing world, in particular Africa, this has now led to a point where the most new infections occur in (often married) women, and not homosexual men or people who engage in risky sexual behaviour anymore.
The rate of HIV infections is still on the rise, and the hypocrisy of the Catholics with regards to this is simply breathtaking :

In its hospitals, the Catholic Church cares for one of every four patients with AIDS. In some areas, especially in Africa, Catholic hospitals are the main source of care for these patients.

Sure, that’s awesome. Would the RCC and its representatives not lie about condoms, they wouldn’t have to care for that many HIV patients ! But fear not. The Catholics are not really heartless hypocrites, actually they care deeply about Africans with AIDS, therefore the Pope will apparently dedicate the whole month of July to improve the situation there and help the sick and dying :

The Pope has asked all faithful to pray for AIDS patients, especially those in developing countries. He’s also asking Christians to help ease their physical and spiritual suffering.

This is his intention for the month of July, according to the Pope’s Apostolic Letter, an initiative followed by roughly 50 million people worldwide.

It’s all so sad, when an organisation with billions of members, and more billions in money and assets, an organisation that could really make a difference in the world, decides again and again to blow supernatural hot air instead.

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