Storm in a blog teacup-Update

I’ve said all that I wanted to say about StefRebeccaElevatorGuygate, but I notice from the incoming links to Furious Purpose that the mushroom cloud of the fallout from this is still spreading through the blogosphere, especially after Richard Dawkins commented a few times on the issue on Pharyngula. So here’s a little update, if you’re still not sick of the issue you can go and read more people’s takes on the matter :

PZ had 7 million comments on the topic in 3 hours, and tried to explain to Dawkins why he got this one wrong.

BlagHag accuses Dawkins of privilege

John Wilkins weighs in in favor of ERVs take on atheist mating etiquette

Jean Kazez wants to have an opinion, too. (with comments from Jeremy Stangroom, we should keep in mind that our enemies enjoy it when we do our infighting thingie)

Greg said something as well.

Ophelia Benson’s take.



Addendum : The people I would really like to hear from are Stef, Rebecca and Elevator Guy. Rebecca has her own blog, but the 2 others presumably don’t, so Stef and Elevator Guy, if you want to write a guest post here explaining your side of the story, please shoot me an email.


Oh gawd, this is never ending !

Hemant Mehta weighs in.

So does Kylie (who also links to Barbara Drescher’s post, which is very worthwhile reading)

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