On same-sex marriage, Nazis, and the Australian Christian Lobby

The sister of our former PM, one Loree Rudd, gave an ill-informed and thoroughly embarrassing interview to The Australian newspaper the other day, in which she called gay rights activists the “global gay Gestapo”, referring to the infamous German secret police during the Nazi years.
Sure, the woman is obviously an intellectual clownshoe, suffers from religion-induced homophobia and has no knowledge at all about Nazi history, but the interview was apparently enough to get the Australian Christian Lobby all wet and excited :

“Gay activists were quick to condemn Loree Rudd for the use of the term “global gay Gestapo” to describe the methods used by this lobby, but how else do you describe tactics that use demonisation and fear to silence opposition?” said Mr Wallace.

“I suggest Loree Rudd’s opponents visit the museum in Nuremberg and see how important it is that these deplorable tactics be opposed.”

I’m not surprised that the ACL makes use of tasteless and historically false Nazi analogies. No, in fact I would be surprised if Jim Wallace and his bigoted cronies had any knowledge about this period of German history at all, where homosexuals were made to wear pink triangles and were murdered in the tenthousands, and I’m reassured by this ejaculation of anti-gay nonsense that he really does not know the first thing about Nazi Germany. Or doesn’t want to know.

There is one thing that I do think Mr Wallace and Loree Rudd have picked up from the Nazis though, from one person in particular, and that’s the deceptive and subtly inciting language of Joseph Goebbels :

“The use of this language of demonisation of anyone who speaks or acts in support of marriage must stop”, said ACL MD Jim Wallace. “It is a tactic that deserves to be roundly condemned from the highest levels, carrying as it does severe consequences for free speech and expression in our society.”

Noone is “demonising anyone who speaks out for marriage”. But people are criticising, and calling out, those who speak out and lobby against loving couples getting married, based on the values of desert nomads from 2500 years ago. The ACL does not speak out “for marriage”, in fact it specifically speaks out against marriage, for any couple that does not fit into the definition of “couple” as defined by tribespeople of the Stone Age.
This is not misinformation, ACL, it’s information. Welcome to the internet. Jewish marriage equality campaigners have strongly denounced Rudd’s and the ACL’s nazi inferences :

“J4ME, the Jewish Community supporting Marriage Equality, calls upon Loree Rudd and the ACL to apologise for their comments which have offended both the GLBT community and the Holocaust-survivor community.”

Obviously the ACL is concerned about their image, and their press release sounds like a plea :

Mr Wallace repeated his call for the PM and Opposition leader to demand that gay groups cease the demonisation of their opposition in this very necessary and important debate on marriage.

We’re not demonising you, ACL. We’re just showing the world that you are a bunch of backward, homophobic religious wankers who are holding our country back and are causing loving couples to be discriminated against. We are also showing the whole world that you have no clue about history, and are incorrectly using Nazi analogies to score cheap publicity points. I have every confidence that Australians will see through this, and that your plump Nazi propaganda will be seen as what it is, a desparate attempt by a few bigoted fools to stay in the news, fools who really have no moral authority, integrity or credibility at all.

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