Ah, man, this chaplaincy thing keeps getting better and better

Excerpts of MSN exchanges last year between Golden Beach State School chaplain Jocelyn Hook and the then 12-year-old boy.

Mrs Hook’s user name is “Chappy Joce” or “Joce”.

September 28 (messages relate to a date the boy went on)

(2.50pm) Chappy Joce: So… got pash rash!

(2.50pm: BOY: wut?

(2.50pm) BOY: u got a pash rash?

(2.51pm) Chappy Joce: No you do

(2.51pm) BOY: no i dont

(2.51pm) Chappy Joce: Sure I bet u do.

September 29

(10.00am) Chappy Joce: wondered if you were hiding any hickeys

(10.00am) BOY: what?

(10.01am) Chappy Joce: bet u dont know what a hickey is hey… must be gettin old

(10.01am) BOY: i dont kno what a hickey is at all.

(10.02am) BOY: do i want to kno what they are?

(10.02am) Chappy Joce: love bit

(10.02am) Chappy Joce: you know… big read sucky mark on your neck?

(10.46am) Chappy Joce: wanna come over for a swim today?

(10.46am) BOY: umm… not really.

(10.47am) Chappy Joce: fine then!

(10:48am) Chappy Joce: i will let you use my pink laptop and msn

(10.48am) BOY:…

(10.48am) Chappy Joce: if you can’t bear to be away from melissa for that long

(11.27am) BOY: i dont wanna swim, so mum says i hav to stay home

(11.28am) Chappy Joce: just that chattin with melissa is more important! oh well u r a big boy and can take care of yourself

(11.28am) BOY: lmao (laughing my ar.. off)

(11.28am) Chappy Joce: behave… no dancing naked on web cam

(11.28am) Chappy Joce: hehe

(11.28am) BOY: i dont hav a webcam..i dont like them

December 30

(7.49pm) BOY: ? ill have a look thru the list of games on wikipedia

(7.49pm) Joce: crash of the titans

(7.49pm) BOY: ah yeah

(7.50pm) Joce: spank u… i mean thank you

(8.23pm) BOY: mums about to go to ur place now

(8:23pm) Joce: ok thx i better put some clothes on then lol

(8.24pm) BOY: lmao dnn2k (did not need to know)

(8:24 PM) Joce: dnn2k huh

(8:24 PM) BOY: do not need to know

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