Actor Harry Morgan dead at age 96

John, I was actually hoping for a non-stubborn acknowledgement of what Morgan did. Obviously, Martin did not know about the severe beatings he gave his wife, or I doubt he’d have written a nice obit for him. Personally, all my previous fondness for that actor disappeared upon knowing that even in his 80s, he beat his wife so severely that she had to go to the hospital, and covered in blood according to one site I read.

My purpose in writing about it here? Just a “Doh! I guess you didn’t know about THAT…” kind of haha. I may have gotten a cheap laugh out of being the one to tell him, but I am kind of surprised he’s gone silent about it afterwards. I was figuring he’d be all “holy shit! I had no idea. What a scumbag” or something. But he probably won’t due to being pissed at WHO told him about it (evil me, instead of someone on friendlier terms). If it had been PZ, Martin would already have another article up by now, all about Morgan’s crimes and apologizing for talking nice about the batterer.

As for the link to PZ’s fear ‘o Hoggle, wow! Did he ever get PZ going on that one. PZ is acting as though Hoggle is a real threat, falling for an obvious ‘get you going’ type of claim. Does he really fear Hoggle smiling in the same pictures? Does he really fear the tossed in joke that he’ll get a harmless surprise in his pocket? I guess so.

With a nice big slippery slope, the horde has turned Hoggle into some sort of atheist anti-christ. Did he ever get you guys going bigtime. I wonder how sure PZ is of what he thinks Hoggle’s real name and pic is. :D

He sure did use a different person’s pic under Felch Grogan (if that’s him too – likely only due to them being anagrams of each other). Maybe he’s got an entire stock photo / random stranger collection of faces to use as his own. I don’t know if anyone’s asked PZ about his sources and veracity of the info (name, smelly, pic, etc), but it’s not like you guys are big on things like evidence when it’s one of your own making claims.

At the risk of sounding spammy, click my name and you’ll see my latest article about this whole “let’s tell the cops we’re scared of him” trend that radfems have been doing lately to any perceived MRAs. I wrote it before reading the latest of PZs that you linked to above, or I would have mentioned this one too. I had no idea any of you would take Hoggle’s tongue in cheek ‘threat’ to smile in pictures, so seriously. I shouldn’t be surprised though. Telling reality apart from jokes intended to get you guys going is not a strong point of the horde.

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