World Christian Doctors Network Conference in Brisbane

The conference was held from June 11-12, and I am more than a little bit disgusted by the mission statement of these cretins :

WCDN is an Interdenominational organisation composed of Christian Medical Professionals of the World. WCDN wants to motivate the Christian Medical Professionals to reflect the love of Jesus Christ and to be a witness for Him in their professional life.

In other words, WCDN wants their members to proselytize to vulnerable sick people, who expect to be dealing with a medical professional who will give them advice based on best practice and facts, not goatherder folklore and Stone age morality.
Here are some of the topics from the conference program :

1st Plenary Speech – “Human Life as the Imago Dei”
By Dr. Lachlan Dunjey (Medicine with Morality, Australia)

Sure, the image of god. I see it in every anencephalic baby, every kid with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida, and every young mother dying from breast or ovarian cancer. I do not understand how such appalling nonsense can be the basis for one’s medical work.

Case # 1 – “Back from the Dead”– Cardiac Arrest – Dr. Sean George (Australia)

Funny that. I have seen and treated hundreds of patients in cardiac arrest, but it never occurred to me to thank anyone other than the hardworking collegues and the advances in medical science for a successful resuscitation. Apparently those WCDN clowns feel a need to insert god into the scenario there somewhere. I am not convinced that I would want Dr Sean George or any of his WCDN cronies to treat me for anything from a cardiac arrest to sweaty armpits.

A few more program topics that WCDN must have felt looked suitable for god insertion :

Case # 2 – Multiple Skull Fracture – Dr. Brian Yeo (Korea)

Case # 3 – Broken Neck & Incomplete Quadriplegia – Dr. Mieke Kuiper (Australia)

Case # 7 – Malignant Lymphoma – Dr. Vahe Buniatyan (Armenia)

In between we get bigotry and homophobia as well as encouragement to go and make disciples among the sick and the ill:

Morning Devotional – “The Miracles of Medical Ministry, Missions & Marriage”
By Pastor Alan Crampin (PIIM, Australia)

Speaker # 4 – “Reasons Why Marriage & Gender Matter”
By Warwick Marsh (Fatherhood Foundation, Australia)

2nd Plenary Speech – “Liberty of Conscience”
By Dr. Lachlan Dunjey (Medicine With Morality, Australia)

Nothing disgusts me more than god-bothering Christian zealots posing as professionals, be that in the sciences, in medicine or in education, people whose main goal is to convert the vulnerable, the young or the unwell to their cult of the undead Jewish carpenter.
I do not think that a medical doctor who is a member of WCDN or any other proselytising institution, is suited or fit to practice medicine. The intelligence may be there, but I fear the worst for vulnerable and dependent people who enter a presumedly professional relationship with a doctor who is on a special mission for Jesus. These embarrassing clowns seem to have a primal need to insert their god into the practice of medicine, when what that practice needs is a cool head, objectivity and an ethical and moral framework not derived from the Stone Age.

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