What has Facebook done now ?

This is something that will go far beyond the “news feed” structure that Facebook pioneered several years ago.

“The stream is ephemeral. You post something to the stream and people see it for a few hours and then it mostly floats away,” Zuckerberg said of the current craze in real-time streaming information–a possible dig at Twitter, the company that ignited it all and has been encroaching upon Facebook territory with its own “@Anywhere” product.

“We’re going to make it possible to make those connections,” Zuckerberg said. For example, a “news feed” item about a Yelp review of a restaurant could bring up more information about the restaurant and which of a user’s Facebook friends have been there.

“We’re going to connect all of those different graphs together to form the Open Graph, and when we connect all of those graphs together, the Web is going to get a whole lot better,” Zuckerberg said.

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