The “I do not endorse the abusive and derogatory remarks by Abbie Smith and some of her commenters on Rebecca Watson during the course of elevatorgate” thread

I see the discussion about elevatorgate is still raging on, accusations are flying left, right, and center, and we seem to be getting nowhere. Let’s make this really simple. Maybe it has to be put into a straightforward format like this, to once and for all restrict the wriggle room for those who aim to maintain that their motives are pure, and their comments just represent a difference in opinions.
Here it is. I, and others, argue that Abbie Smith and various commenters on her blog, have over the past 6 weeks engaged in a disgusting campaign against not only Rebecca Watson, but also those who tended to agree with her on her interpretation of the events in Dublin as well as the CFI conference.
Here are just some of the comments made by Abbie :

1. Furthermore, the Skepchicks are a) dumb, and b) dumb, and c) lazy.

2. PZ has completely ostracized *himself* from former allies online. PZ online has more guts than PZ irl. Its not remotely ‘extraordinary’ that he would avoid said people at a conference, especially when he had smelly skepchick snatch to sniff (which he has also been doing online, obsessively, for the past month).

3. Apparently before Twatson fell down and threw a temper tantrum and demanded everyone kiss her invisible boo-boo.

4. Benson needs people to hunt the snipe of ‘language’. Because shes just as ugly, petty, and bitchy as Watson:
Youre a mean, hateful woman, Ophelia Benson

5. Tommy– I will probably start some shit again this weekend re: the ridiculousness of the CFI conference.

6. There is no relationship between my experiences and Rebecca Twatsons terrible 12.2 seconds on an elevator.

7. Saturday, I gave a presentation at the OK Freethought Convention on 2 hours sleep. Why? No, not because I am a drunk like Watson.

Mind you, these are just some of the comments made by Abbie Smith, not by any of her commenters, which as you can see for yourself if you wade through the slime pit, were often even less kind.
Now, here is the opportunity for Jerry Coyne, Russell Blackford, Miranda C Hale and anyone else, to state loud and clear that they do not approve, or maybe in fact disagree with Abbie’s comments that I have just listed here. Could it be any more simple ? I’m waiting. And if I don’t hear from any of these people, that message will be just as loud and clear, in that they do in fact approve of Abbie’s hate trip against Rebecca Watson, the one she authorised to be conducted on her blog for the last month. One that has done far more damage to the atheist or skeptic movement than any timid appeals by Watson for “Guys, don’t do that”.

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