Take me, St James Ethics Centre !!

Since it’s the right thing to do to support the local atheist organisations, I joined Atheist Foundation of Australia a while ago, so now I get to receive their 3-monthly or so online magazine. I note this advert in the latest edition :

Speaker 3 TBA ? Debating Scott Stephens and Peter Jensen ? Sign me up St James Ethics Centre ! I love the topic of the debate already, how boring awesome !

Having been persecuted as a dangerous minority for centuries, in recent years the champions of atheism have achieved celebrity status around the world. Atheists have been quick to point to the evils done in the name of religion and to claim that their criticism of religion is grounded in the demands of reason. Their opponents have championed faith as a source of inspiration and as an essential aspect of the human condition. However, beyond rhetorical skirmishes, in the end, just one fundamental question must be answered: does God exist?

I agree ! That’s the question that, if answered, will make our lifes so much easier. But wait ! When you say “god”, what exactly do you mean? And since the definition of “god” seems to vary depending on who you ask, how are we ever going to prove that this concept exists, when we can’t even agree on what exactly it is we are looking for ?

Oh man, St James Ethics Centre, sign me up for this one !

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