Someone lock up Tim Wilson stat

The following is not for the faint-hearted, you have been warned ! I wish every single person on this planet, or at least in this country, will read this, to see exactly what religion can do to the human brain, and to human morality and common decency.
Meet Tim Wilson :

Nice smile. But turns out that Tim Wilson is a Neanderthal misogynist of the worst kind. From my favourite hater website in Australia, “Christian Today”, we learn that Timmy is “A Well-Being Australia volunteer young Comment writer for Christian Today Australia”. Let’s go through Tim’s article then, shall we. Have your antiemetics ready.

From the beginning of humanity men and women have been created for relationship. Firstly, designed to have connection with God and then with each other. The first relationship between man and woman was one of marriage. In Genesis 2, when Eve was formed as a helpmate for Adam, God said “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.”

He’s obviously a biblical literalist who believes in the Genesis account of creation, so far, so crazy. I do love the term “helpmate” for Eve though, that’s creative ! What were wedding ceremonies like in those caveman days, I wonder ?

I believe society embraces sexual intimacy within marriage, and I question whether society understands the holistic roles of a husband and wife outside of the bedroom?

I recognise the words, but they don’t make any sense. Like, at all. But it gets better, Timmy-boy goes off into crazyland :

Paul uses the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church to create a picture for his audience that we can easily relate to. He begins by commanding women to submit to their husbands in everything, as they would to God, for the husband is to lead his wife as Christ leads the Church. Ephesians 5:22-24

Out of context these verses are potentially very dangerous for a marriage, so we should not just look at the surface of this text. Reading through the remainder of Ephesians chapter 5 gives us greater understanding of the freedom and empowering a woman will receive as she submits to her husband.

Submit to your husband and you will be freed and empowered, wimminz ! That’s the message Timmy Wilson has for us, from interpreting the Bible the Tim Wilson way. Sadly, that’s exactly how countless generations of men have interpreted, and justified, suppression and discrimination of women. But Tim the creepy Christian is not finished yet, he’s obviously keen to show us that he is a total fruit loop :

One small step I have taken to serve my wife, as myself, is to ask her if she wants something to eat or drink if I am going to get one for myself. The simple reasoning in this question is that if my body wants something then her body may also enjoy the same thing.

To sanctify our wife is to lead them spiritually, to protect them from impurity and encourage and challenge them to Christ. I believe leading spiritually is to be an example to my wife through my personal relationship with the Lord, to lovingly confront her when her actions or words do not line up with the word of God and to pray for and speak words of truth into her life.

Someone call Psych triage and get this guy locked up. I mean it. He’s a danger to society :

The life of Jesus was sacrificial, servant hearted, selfless and sanctifying but also filled with great accomplishments and everlasting influence. I think that if a couple embraces and lives out these principles from Ephesians their union will be powerful and loving. As Jesus and His bride bring hope and joy into this world so too will a wife who submits and a husband who loves.

Good on you, “Christian Today Australia”. You never let me down in pointing out the Christian craziness for all to see. Now let’s lock up the creep Tim Wilson.
Using Stone Age goatherder myths to justify misogyny and male BDSM fantasies, that’s the Christian way.

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