Shame on you, Barry O’Farrell !

The newly elected Premier of the state of New South Wales, Barry O’Farrell, seems hellbent to prove to the public that he is a characterless liar and a weasly opportunist.

The NSW government needs support in the Upper House to pass legislation to cap public sector wage growth at 2.5%, and they will sell their soul, and break any election promise to achieve this.
First we heard that there might be concessions to the Shooters and Fishers Party, who would like to see more shooting lessons in schools, and to make it easier to get gun permits. And if that wasn’t enough, now O’Farrell is allegedly about to fall over and suck the dick of the repugnant Christian Democrat leader Fred Nile, to get that Party’s votes. That’s right, Fred Nile, homophobic bigot par excellence, him of “porn was accessed from my computers 200.000 times only to check up on what The Sex Party is doing” fame.

Now The Age is reporting that O’Farrell is prepared to scrap the newly introduced Ethics classes in NSW for the votes of Nile’s club of religious haters on industrial relations :

But the O’Farrell government has reportedly struck a deal with Christian Democrats leader Fred Nile, whereby the coalition’s contentious industrial relations changes would be passed in the upper house if ethics classes were scrapped.

Labor’s acting education spokesman Nathan Rees has accused NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell of breaking an election promise by negotiating with a fringe interest group to secure passage of dodgy legislation.

For shame, Barry O’Farrell, for shame ! Should this deal, and the one with the Shooters Party, go ahead, I hope voters in NSW will voice their protest and anger, and kick your lying ass out of office at the next election.

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