Remember Matthew 12.30 ?

And you know this how ? And the evidence for your claim is where ? What does “not as we know them” even mean ?

It’s been kicking around paleontological circles for a while now. You might try this news story for some info.

“Not as we know them” would mean that the ancients didn’t dig up fossils and realize they were from dinosaurs millions of years ago (which is how we know them), but instead thought they came from monsters or even giant people (there’s evidence some of these bones were used in hero worship among the Greeks, who believed that previous ages of men were composed of literal giants).

By who, where, which claims exactly ? And so what ?

So what, indeed…

In many ways, the Bible is an historical document (sure, one based on a literary tradition of embellished myth, but every bit as useful to historians and linguists as the works of Homer). Apparently you’re too angry to even see that, which is a shame.

What does it tell us? For one thing, it sheds a light on how some people lived a long time ago, what they believed, the extent to which they understood of the world, and in the case of the Old Testament (which is based at least somewhat on an earlier oral tradition) gives us some clues about cultures that existed before we have written records.

Do you mind me asking how old you are? I’m not going to look down on you, regardless of the answer. I’m just curious.

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