Remember Boney M ?

The group sold more than 50 million singles and 60 million albums worldwide, according to figures quoted by producer Frank Farian.

Farrell’s true part in this success has been questioned, with Farian having stated it was in fact he who recorded most of Boney M’s male voices in studio.

“Yes, in the beginning it was not Bobby Farrell (singing), but later it was,” Seine said.

Seine described the star born Alfonso Farrell as “quite a bizarre person”.

“He had a big heart but he was explosive. He was a fantastic person,” Seine added.

Remembered partly for his impressive afro hairstyle and extravagant costumes, often with bare torso and tight-fitting bell bottom pants, Farrell continued to create disco music after Boney M split up in 1986, including remixes of some of the group’s most famous tracks like Rivers of Babylon, Brown girl in the ring and Sunny.

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