Rebecca Watson on Homeopathy

Actually, Ms Watson has indeed got the homeopathy dilution PROCESS wrong. The resulting remedy is obviously the same to anyone with sense, obviously, but homeopaths will be certain to dismiss her description because it does not accurately describe the “method” they use (or, at least, the method they BELIEVE they use ;) ).

Because they believe that a homeopathy can only be made by doing many serial low-dilution-and-shaking processes. Doing a single or a few high-dilution steps alone and not doing the special shaking is not valid remedy production, in their view.

Reality is that the vast majority of homeopathic pharmacies producing liquid remedies in bulk use exactly the same serial dilution processors as regular pharmacies (usually a rotating barrel with dilutant dripping in one end and draining out the other) and they just leave them running longer. They also save materials costs by recycling the output liquid into the input feed point. This is what the rest of the world calls “rinsing”, and should be point enough alone to have homeopathy dismissed by the FDA as a viable medical product.

So perhaps Ms Watson should have researched this a little better before attempting to demonise it with a view to influencing the FDA.

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