Rebecca names names


You start of arguing that she can’t ignore it and end up with “if you don’t like her just ignore her”.

Hum? Did Rebecca twitter her speech directly to you or something? Are people creating websites about how disgusting you are? No?

Unless of course she’s just getting mileage out of the storm in a teacup.

Maybe her “critics” should be the ones who ignore her then if they don’t like the press they are giving her.

The evidence you mentioned was linked to by…………..Rebecca Watson! If she doesn’t want to bring attention to herself then why did she link to it?

What in the name of Spam is your point? Are you seriously telling me that those pieces of evidence would not exist and not be accessible to other people if Rebecca hadn’t linked to them? Because that is quite untrue.

Professed atheists demonstrate religious tendencies whether you like it or not. That’s why people like yourself are so touchy about the subject.

Oh. OK. So you are a Christian(?) troll. That figures given how you compared outspoken atheists to apostles without noticing how that image includes the notion that being an apostle and spreading the “good news” aren’t actually good things.

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