PZ Myers vs Muslim proselytisers in Dublin – a.k.a. can you spot the Gish Gallop ?

I’ve been a slacker, clearly. Rebecca Watson has beaten me to footage of PZ Myers (and AronRa) debating our friend Andreas Tzortzis, the Greek convert to Islam who at the Global Atheist Conference in Dublin this past weekend felt the need to tell us all how the Koran is the inerrant word of god, although this sad individual has actually never read his own adopted holy book in its mother tongue. But he sure has got the creationist Gish Gallop down. Don’t mind me floating around in the background of the vid there somewhere, by the way. Particularly funny was when Tzortzis started to talk Islamic embryology with a …developmental biologist. The cool guy at the end of the video is AronRa. Totally my new hero.

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