On Sushi

I don’t particularly like cold foods, so I don’t eat Sushi.Apparently everyone else does.
But Sushi is not only a food item, it is the classic japanese food export.Think Japan, think Sushi.
The first culinary item that comes to your mind when you think Italy might be “Pizza”, for Spain it might be “Paella” and so forth, but for Japan the first thing that pops into most people’s mind, whether food item or not, is ‘Sushi”(or used female underwear from vending machines, depending on your tastes, but for the purpose of this post I will assume it is Sushi for most people).
We associate the word Sushi with anything japanese, it’s the perfect branding.Sushi seems to be saying “authentic japanese ™”.

But while we can easily enjoy a Pizza served to us by a japanese waiter in Fargo or Frankfurt, we get a distinct feeling of wrongness at the idea of having our Sushi served by a norwegian or italian waiter.It just doesn’t sit right.To get our full fix of authentic japanese ™, it has to be a japanese waiter.
Well, ironically, for the caucasian brain, any ol’ asian will do, to convey the authentic Sushi feeling, we will happily enjoy our Sushi served by the taiwanese or korean waitress, and get the authentic japanese ™ feeling.Go figure ! (I was listening to some guy on the radio who runs a large Sushi restaurant in New Zealand the other day, and he only had success when he started to have the Sushi served by asians)

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