On pain rating

When I had my gall bladder attack, that was the worst pain I had ever had and I’d been shot once and hit by shrapnel once. Either of those was nothing comparison. Well, when the corpsman pulled the shrapnel fragment out that wasn’t so good, but it was only for a few seconds.

I was asked the same question (1 to 10) but I was hurting so bad, I could not walk or talk. They gave me an injection of something that may as well have been saline solution. After a time, ten minutes or eternity, I was still writhing in pain on the gurney. A doctor stuck his head in and I heard him say, “Well he still looks like he is in pain, but he could be faking.” I thought to myself, “You SOB. If I could get up, I’d show you what pain is.”

A little later, a minute or eternity again, I received another injection and this was GOOD STUFF! They could have come in and said, “That gall bladder has to come out right now but all we have to operate with is this rusty hacksaw blade.” I would have said, ” cool, have at it, I’ll wait quietly right here and admire the lovely white walls you have.” :D

One to ten, my ass!

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