Oh no, not another one, will my liver be able to take it ?

We are going to have another Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne next year ! Back in 2010, when we first had this event here, it was a huge success, that created enormous media coverage, and certainly helped to create a tight and lasting bond within the Aussie contingent of Pharyngula commenters, as well as giving 2500 atheists a forum to feel welcome and free to express their opinions, and to get networked and organised in various secular, sceptic, and atheist organisations across the country.
Of course, some of us just went for the free booze, just look at the old geezer in the middle of this pic, I forget his name :

Chloe was worshipped by visiting American tourists :

Elvis was there ! :

Sydney Swans Fans met with real philosophers :

Theatre critics met Squid overlords :

And we had a mascot too, a philosophy lion disguised as a teddybear, who I happened to have the honor of talking to for a while :

And now we are going to do this all over again ? Please no, I’m not sure if my liver (and PZ’s stents) can stand it !

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