More awful billboards from American Atheists

Now served with Jewish and Arabic flavors :

I won’t say anything about the design this time, just that AA still urgently needs a professional graphics designer.

You know it’s a myth“.

Right. If I were a believer, I would find that condescending, arrogant, and belittling. It’s no way to get anyone to question their faith to tell them that they’re wrong, and in this “isn’t it obvious ?” way.

and you have a choice

Why don’t we use that line on Heroin or alcohol addicts, I’m sure it has great potential ! “You have a choice, it’s not that your brain is hooked and dependent on and addicted to substance X, no, just choose to not be addicted anymore and all will be right with the world !”
This is just a stupid slogan, in fact I find it extremely moronic. Who came up with this, Dave Silverman ?

As far as I’m concerned, AA don’t speak for me, and in my view they continue to embarrass atheists everywhere with their silly propaganda.

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