Lyle Shelton is an idiot

A particularly ill-informed and misleading piece of garbage comes to us from a guy called Lyle Shelton, chief of staff with the ACL, and was published on the ABCs Drum website.
The background is of course the recent orchestrated action by our bigoted friends from the Australian Christian Lobby, to have advertising company Adshel temporarily take down signs on Queensland bus stops promoting sexual health for homosexuals.
In a weirdly trivialising fashion, Shelton comes up with this pile of not-even-wrongisms, that make me shake my head in bewilderment.

Without passing or implying judgement on homosexuals, ACL has been the subject of a vitriolic backlash in the online and social media in the past week.

Homophobe, bigot and f***ing idiot are some of the labels and titles of Facebook pages set up against ACL and our Queensland Director, 50-year-old grandmother Wendy Francis.

Pointing out that ACL got caught in orchestrating the takedown of those gay bus ads is not vitriolic backlash. The whole campaign by ACL was an exercise in discrimination based on sexual orientation, and the people responsible are exactly what they were called when this story came out, homophobes, bigots, and fucking idiots. It is people like “grandmother” Wendy Francis for whom those terms were invented.

So what led to us gaining this pariah status in the land of the fair go?

Lyle the homophobic bigot is once more confusing a fair go with the right of Christian haters like himself to freely discriminate. Times have changed Lyle, and Neanderthals like yourself will have pointed out to them more and more often that a fair go applies to everyone in our society, including gays, and that what “a fair go” does not mean is that you can be a fucking idiot homophobe without being called out on it.

ACL is a contributor to the long-running debate about the sexualisation of children and the well-acknowledged failures of the Advertising Standards Board and the classification system to protect children.

What pathetic goalpost-moving. Someone please explain to me what the depiction of two clothed adult males has to do with the sexualisation of children. If that’s the ACL’s concern, I await with bated breath their next campaigns to remove every single Kylie Minogue underwear billboard in the country. Or how about the Lara Bingle tourism ads ? Add another insult to the list Lyle : You’re a fucking hypocrite as well.

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