It’s getting annoying !

Well, it should probably come as no surprise that certain media outlets and churches take offense to Julia Gillard the Prime Minister being an atheist, but the chorus of orchestrated concerns over a PM who actually values science and reason more than stone age goatherder mythology to make moral and political decisions is becoming a bit hard to digest.

While it is nice to see that representatives of major religious cults are fearing for their privileges , the fake outrage and concern over Gillard’s lack of belief in superstitions is becoming a bit annoying.What these comments are implying is that an atheist might be lacking morals, or values needed to govern the country.Contrast that to the opposition leader, a devout catholic, who would like to see women preserve virginity until marriage.Just to remind you, it is the year 2010 A.D., and the catholic church is not exactly the world leader in morality these days.Unless you’re a pedophile of course.

Archbishop Hickey said he would not seek to influence the way Catholics voted, he urged people with strong religious convictions to be politically active. “Some will undoubtedly vote for Mr Abbott because they appreciate his strong Christian faith,” he said.

Sure, because him believing in fairies somehow makes him a better leader.NOT.

I’m sorry, but part of the new atheist’s message is that religion in whatever cult variety, does not make you a better person, does not give you superior morals, and is in fact more likely to make you disregard reason and evidence in favor of superstition and antiquated stone age values.

We should judge Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard based on their proposed policies, not their religious beliefs or lack thereof.Religious superstition and bigotry should not get a free pass anymore, and churches and religious organisations should be closely scrutinized wrt their tax-exempt status.Tony Abbott and the religious lobby might not like that.Too bad.

And to Archbishop Hickey, who is “concerned about secularist viewpoints in Europe” : Who are you without your frock and your title given to you by other men in frocks ? Wake up, Mister Hickey.

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