It’s a miracle !!!

Who says that Australia doesn’t have it’s own share of religious dingleberries ? We might have exported fools like Ken Ham to the US, but instead we’ve got Daniel Nalliah, the crazy homophobic kook from Catch the Fire Ministries. Remember, that’s the Sri Lankan guy who recently founded his own political party to “fight multiculturalism and protect the judeo-christian heritage” in Australia, and who claimed the 2009 bushfires on teh geyz.

Well, turns out that Pr Daniel has magical powers after all. I note on CTFM’s website that just the other day, he cured some dude from deafness :

In the congregation was a man who was born deaf, who was brought by another lady who had been healed miraculously back in 2008 from deafness. This lady did not have her right ear drum for 28 years, and as Pr Daniel prayed for her, a new ear drum grew inside her ear, and now she can hear perfectly.

The young man born deaf was ministered to by some of the CTFM team, and then as he was worshipping, suddenly his ears opened up and he started to hear. We praise and thank God for this wonderful miracle. All glory to His name!

I note he didn’t exactly regrow a limb. “His ears opened up”, I mean, isn’t that a bit lame even for a bunch of gullible fools like CTFM ? Come on, surely this god of Pr Daniel’s can do better than cheap card tricks like this ? Or is the guy’s congregation well and truly so brainwashed that they will fall for anything ? Oh wait….

I noticed something else on their website. This is well and truly an alliance made in heaven, and I can’t stop laughing :

2) Following is the link to a fantastic article by Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun Newspaper that was featured on ‘Australia Today’. He is the agnostic journalist who wrote many great articles during the 5 year court case between the Islamic Council of Victoria and Catch the Fire Ministries.

I wonder what the guys over at Pure Poison make of that !

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