“Incredible Courage”

Yes, I know Nasser Hussain looks like a bonsai tree that hasn’t been watered for a while, and yes, he is not going to publish a book on science, philosophy or well, thinking, anytime soon.

But I was still a bit flabbergasted to hear what Hussain had to say on SkySports about the disgraceful cheating by Stuart Broad late on the third day of the first Test at Trent Bridge:

Incredible courage of Broad to stay there like that

I mean, come on Nasser. Do you really want to win like that? It’s one thing that Aleem Dar thinks it’s funny to go fuck the rules and fuck Australia and just not give this most obvious edge to slip out. But it’s another thing to be cheering this cheater on and calling his cheating courage. Is that really in the spirit of the game you think?

Here’s what’s in the spirit of the game:

Well, it turns out Broad has a bit of a history of being a shameless cheat:

That’s his infamous “bat before wicket” appeal from 2008 (never mind the commentators getting it terribly wrong). And today there was this disgraceful business of standing there as if nothing had happened, when he edged it for all the world to see (apart from Aleem Dar, astonishingly).

Come on people, you know I hate Piers Morgan normally, but even he got this one right:

I have no problem with batsmen not walking if there is 1% of doubt. But Broad 100% knew he was out, and cheated. Unacceptable. #Ashes

Word. Stuart Broad, and thereby England, are bringing the game into disrepute.

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