I’m sorry AFA, but I think you’re wrong here

Atheists Refused Advertising Space Again!
Release Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Atheist Foundation of Australia is disappointed to report that an advertising company has once again refused to place its advertisements.

The Atheist Foundation of Australia has contracted and paid the deposit for Billboards Australia to erect signs in most states of Australia. The site owner at Queanbeyan has reneged on the deal now, months after the message was made known to Billboards Australia by the AFA.

President of the AFA David Nicholls said, “We have been refused billboard advertising space in Queanbeyan, NSW on the excuse that our sign is a political message. It is not. It is a message directing Australians to answer the Census question on religion accurately.”

Billboards Australia has admirably fulfilled its contractual obligations on other sites but the site, which has refused our advert, is owned by the government agency, RailCorp.

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