I want to whinge about Hotels for a minute

I’ve crossed the ocean back to continental Europe, and am currently spending some time with friends back home in Germany. Look, I can live with the fact that my trusted old Black Forest hideout is currently about 5 feet away from major road and path building works, and that my room provides a nice panoramic view of the mayhem, while letting me feel every swivel of the giant digger out front with great accuracy. It was like this last year and I booked the place once more, secure in the belief that works would have concluded by now.
Anyway, that’s just bad luck.
What I really want to whinge about is food. Why, if you are a Hotel and offer breakfast included, why do you not tell your customers this on arrival, or at least through a handout/flyer/poster inside the rooms ? In Dublin it took me until the final day to discover that I could have had brekkie for free, and the same applies here, they just don’t tell you ! It’s a rather small place, so I walked past the landlady this morning on my way into town for a coffee, and she asked why I hadn’t been at breakfast. What breakfast, I asked ?
Geez, this is no way of running a Hotel !
They have a restaurant, too. I walked in at 6pm and inquired about dinner. The lady mumbled ” he will be there soon”. That’s not a restaurant I’m going to eat in ! How can a Hotel survive if the guests are not aware of services, times, inclusions ?
I’m getting a Kebab.


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