Hey theocracy of Texas, how about doing something useful ?

Texas Governor Rick Perry obviously thinks that empty symbolic gestures involving the appeal to nonexistent supernatural entities are superior to actually getting stuff done.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a potential presidential candidate, is inviting fellow governors to a prayer rally sponsored by conservative activists.

Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas has said he will attend the Aug. 6 “day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our troubled nation” at Reliant Stadium in Houston, the Dallas Morning News reported Monday, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he will come if he can. All three governors are Republicans, but Perry calls the event nonpartisan.

Why these godbothering clowns are not chased out of office, or how they got to be elected in the first place, I just cannot fathom.

On their Web site, organizers of the event, funded by the American Family Association, liken America’s situation to Bible times.

“The people were not prepared to face the external threats rising up against them: economic, political and military in nature,” they write.

Sure, 21st century America is just like the goatherder society of the Middle East 2500 years ago. One thing’s for sure, the US might be headed back to those good old days soon, if any of these freaks ever gets elected President.

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