Happy New Year everyone!

Australian Eastern Summer Time is once more approaching 11.59.59pm on a December 31st, which means that the locals will be making ultimately futile New Years resolutions, drink too much in the process, die in car accidents, and get injured, killed or maimed in domestics at their own homes, or in alcohol-fuelled violent acts in venues celebrating the occasion around the country.

Good times. Cue the Madden brothers and Michael Slater selling you KFC.

But I don’t want to be just cynical. I still do think that NYE is a good occasion to change stuff that’s going wrong in your life, a kind of “this far, no further” deadline people can set for themselves, to turn things around. So to all my readers, I wish you all a very happy and successful year 2013, and may your NY resolutions have a chance to come true. May the force be with you.

So, What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

There is of course also the live feed from Opera House in Sydney for the celebrations tonight, check it out.

Only leaves me with the perennial Lennon to link to:

Cheers, see you all next year!

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