Goodness me, Yahoo, do you let any random dimwit post shit under your flag ?

The author of this drivel, Kevin Probst, seems unfamiliar with basic spelling rules :

A Response To Christopher Hitchen’s Letter to American Atheists

So much for proofreading at Yahoo. I wish people had enough brain to at least know the name of the person they are trying to lie about. This guy Probst is a legend, I tell you. He’s well and truly priceless :

In a recent edition of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, Christopher Hitchens published a new Message to American Atheists.

Is Probst a native English speaker ? Or is he maybe just completely retarded ? I am beginning to suspect the latter. Hitchens did not publish anything in any “edition” of the RD website, he sent a letter to the meeting of American Atheists, because he is too ill to attend. I mean, come on, that is really not so hard to get your head around, right ?

The guy is an asshole, and he doesn’t try to hide it :

Hitchens mocks those who believe in God and wrote to his fellow atheists that he was placing his trust in science and in his atheistic comrades.

No, comrade, Hitchens makes you uncomfortable by presenting arguments for why your god, and any other gods, do not exist, and why closed-minded retards like yourself make this world a worse place to live in, and have done so for 2000 years and counting.

It is perplexing to observe a man who has dedicated all of his life and energy to disprove the existence of God.

Not for anyone with a functioning brain, it isn’t. But your argument from personal incredulity is noted.

If God does not exist and one is so thoroughly convinced of it, why does it matter that others might fantasize about a mythical being? If there is no God then the belief in God has no more significance than the belief in dinosaurs, or flying saucers, or the planet Pluto. Is not their belief in such things is harmless? Why do so many fear those who believe in God? Why try so hard to disprove them?

Because, numbskull, religion is the one and only true basis for most wars, intolerance, homophobia, oppression of women, and pretty much every other bigoted policy out there that rational people, humanists and atheists are at least in the process of overcoming.

Belief in God can never be totally eliminated from the heart. The ‘eternity’ that God placed in the heart demands we believe. They who determine in their own minds what is right and wrong by trying to eliminate absolutes set themselves up as their own gods. In Hitchen’s mind there are no absolutes but one. The one absolute that stands like a lonely tree in a barren field of unbelief is the absolute certainty that there are no absolutes. It is a contradictory absurdity that begs an answer from the New Atheist Movement.

Ok, the guy is really just a loon. What eternity, what god, what heart, when did this happen, what are you on about ? Aren’t the Christian loons like yourself always trying to teach us about absolutes ?

I am reminded of the account of Esau and Jacob

I am reminded of the scene in Predator when Arnie hides under that bridge, covered in mud. What? That’s just a movie, you say ? But aren’t you quoting me from a collection of Bronze Age fairy tales published in a fiction book ??? After that, it gets tasteless and disgusting, as is to be expected from a Christian fanatic :

Don’t be surprised. Mr. Hitchen’s voice will be restored and you will see him bowing there also. In that day no one will question the existence of God but all will wonder why atheism ever existed.

He still can’t write in proper English. But never mind, the deluded fool is too fond of his afterlife revenge fantasies to notice. Kevin Probst, when humanity has moved on from superstition, bigotry and lying for deities, you will be one of the shining, yet sad examples of how religious belief was able to turn human beings into bigoted assholes.

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