Get rid of these stupid sexting laws

… which is why religion needs to be edited out of the frame. People differ and you can’t learn it all out of books. Quite apart from anything else, does it not strike legislators that the age differential between consent and pictures of sexual bits is entirely insane?

Prior to the era of digital ‘phone photography, there was in UK a certain amount of discretion allowed to both prosecution and judiciary in terms of sexual offences photographic or otherwise involving children (but heterosexually only purlease! Homosexuality was governed by really daft legislation), which meant that in most cases where the age difference was

Analogous to this daftness is the UK approach to alcohol. It is perfectly legal to buy or consume it if you are 18+. If you appear under 25 however you may be refused service or reported to the police unless you can prove your age. The only acceptable proof of age is a passport or a driving licence, both of which are expensive to acquire and not routinely possessed by everybody.

I am not certain as to whether this lunacy is rooted in religion, but it certainly smacks of religious nosey-parkerdom. How can we see fit to intrude unnecessarily upon personal autonomy?

Human beings are naturally curious. Past time that laws were drafted to serve the people rather than govern them.

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