Christians going nuts over a school banner

At a place called Cranston West High School over in the US there used to hang a prayer banner. It looked like this :

An atheist student called Jessica Ahlquist sued the city, arguing that the banner was of a religious nature and made her feel excluded and ostracized. The judge agreed, and ordered the banner to be removed. The whole “heavenly father” thing was kind of a bit of a giveaway. So far, so good. Since then, two things have happened. One, atheists and secularists all over the place have gone a little over-excited and are calling Ahlquist a “hero”, and, more predictably, Christians have gone wild on social media, spewing good Christian hate messages, death threats and gleeful wishes for Ahlquist to be eternally tortured in hell, and I may show you some of the Christian hate here, so you see once again what we are up against, and what Christian love is all about when it comes down to it :

Charming, isn’t it. Look, Christians in the USA, you may not like the separation of church and state in your country, but for now it’s still the law. Your murderous rants and calls for violence everytime someone asks a court to affirm this law when religious dingbats attempt to erode the separation, not only makes you look stupid, but also reveals you as enemies of your own constitution, and as deranged lunatics who would use violence to intimidate and hurt those who still understand the law in your country.

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