Child Beauty Pageant to be held in Australia

I always felt reassured and confident that dressing up young girls like prostitutes and letting them compete against other girls to determine the sexiest bitch amongst those primary schoolers was a thing that could only happen in the USA. Well, looks like I was wrong :

Melbourne mother of four Kristin Kyle, who is organising the Australian pageant as a volunteer, is tired of what she calls ill-informed criticism.

”We are asking people to educate themselves. Toddlers & Tiaras is a reality TV show. They have to make it dramatic so people will watch it. Our pageant is not going to be like that.”

Instead she describes the Melbourne event, to be held on July 29 and 30 at a yet-to-be announced location, as a positive and fun-filled family occasion that will boost participants’ self-confidence.

Family occasion, huh. Excuse me while I go and vomit a little. Those pageants objectify young girls, confer to them a message that make-up and wearing “sexy” clothing is somehow important for their sense of self-worth. It’s dressing up and presenting pre-schoolers as sex objects, while at the same time giving those girls the impression that this is something to aspire to, or to judge someone’s worth by. Where are the male child beauty pageants, I wonder ? The parents who send their kids to such events should have an obligatory Psych evaluation, as far as I’m concerned.
Keep this repugnant Dreck out of Australia, for fucks sake.

(H/T Ophelia Benson)

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