Call for prayer against gay marriage

An outfit called the Australian Christian Values Institute is concerned, very concerned. About gays and lesbians being given equal rights, especially the right to get married.

Family breakdown and social dysfunction is an increasing problem in this nation. Forty percent of marriages end in divorce in Australia and along with increased cohabitation rates (prone to even higher levels of dissolution) are leading to higher levels of heartbreak.

The current Green’s proposed homosexual marriage bill, if passed, will further weaken marriage and rob children of a mother and a father.

How you can be robbed of something you dont have in the first place remains the secret of the Australian Christian Values Institute. And I don’t quite get the logic behind “If Ben marries Bill, that weakens the marriage of Beth and Bob”.

So be afraid, gay/lesbians and divorcees, because the Australian Christian Values Institute has a plan to restore the sanctity of marriage in this country:

Marriage and family leaders are encouraging churches and individuals to join this urgent call for prayer by initiating special prayer meetings or incorporating the call to prayer into existing activities from Tuesday 1st February to Monday 21st February 2011.

Mrs Mary-Louise Fowler, coordinator of National Marriage Day on the 13th of August, said (,“ I encourage everyone to join the 21 Days of Prayer for Marriage and Family to preserve the essence of and the pre-eminent place of the wonderful institution of marriage in Australian society.”

The wonderful institution that breaks down in 40% of cases ? Must be the gays interfering somehow,and if we can make them go away, then marriage in all its glory would surely be restored ! What a bunch of clownshoes.

Francine Pirola, from Celebrate Love ( said, “Prayer is our greatest unused marital resource. Please pray with your spouse daily over this twenty-one day period of prayer. Have a family prayer time as well once a week. When it comes to fasting, rather than fast the whole time you can always fast one day per week or miss a meal from time to time. The key thing is the attitude of the heart. It’s all about expressing a heart of love for God and each other throughout this time of prayer.”

Why didn’t I think of that ! Everyone having difficulties in their marriage, let’s not sit down together, talk about the issues, and see if you can work things out, no, let’s instead mumble some shit towards the heavens and the nonexistent supernatural beings therein, that should solve our problems !

I’m not a fan of the concept of marriage, I guess it’s great when it works. When it doesn’t work, and you can’t work things out, it’s better to break up than to accumulate guilt, stomach ulcers and depression.There is nothing wrong with getting a divorce and starting again. People get hurt, and children get hurt, when a marriage gets prolonged for religious, social or whatever reasons. But I am a fan of giving people equal rights and opportunities, and if gays or lesbians want to get married, they must have the right to do so. Christian bigots like those clowns quoted here are a truly despiccable lot, and try hard to make life miserable for everyone.
But let them pray and fast. At least while they are doing that, they can’t harm anyone.

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