Bill Maher – The Reason Why Liberals Don’t Like Bachmann & Palin

Typical. Maher can’t make a sound argument why Obama is doing so poorly on all fronts, including having us drawn into more (not less) wars while skirting congressional approval, the now double digit unemployment, and continued sliding of the economy – so he pokes at two people who are already marginalized within their own parties. Sarah Palin is not running for President, and the GOP think tanks have already moved Bachman off the table.

The most seemly candidate as of now is Ron Paul, who actually believes in the same social agenda of both Palin and Backman – no gay marriage, no abortion! But Maher invites him onto his show, and praises him as somebody worthy of voting for?

If it isn’t sexism on the part of Maher, what exactly is it? The same bigotry from the mouth of a man is acceptable, but from two women is not?

Come on Bill, what’s the real deal here? Why’d you focus on the “Boobs?”

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