Atheism and Scepticism

I’m off to the beach.
This has been discussed a fair bit in the last few days, so here’s my position on the issue in a nutshell:

1.I think that being sceptical about one particular topic, say homeopathy, or UFOs, is better than not being sceptical at all.I think there is a role for anyone who wants to check out whether a particular claim can be tested, and subsequently verified or falsified.

2.If you are a sceptic about a topic X, then you have to be prepared to be asked why you are not a sceptic about topic Y.And topic Y might be anything, including religion.I think it is fair to point out that there is a certain logical inconsistency with being a sceptic about one thing , or 2 or 3, and not about generally anything, just because some things might make you uncomfortable, or might make your friends, your audience, or your peer group uncomfortable.However, see 1.

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