Another year over, but a good one it was

Ever since 2005, I haven’t had much of a social life, for various reasons. But 2010 has stood out in that I had some marvellous times at 2 atheist conventions, first the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne in March, and then the Gods&Politics conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in June this year.

The main reason those 2 conventions were so awesome is that they were occasions for commenters of the Pharyngula blog to get together and finally meet in real life.The aussie Pharyngulites especially had been dying for an opportunity to get together and meet in person, and that’s exactly what happened in those intense days in March !

That’s me, Wowbagger, PZ Myers, Bride of Shrek, and Kel.

Kel and PZ Myers.

Me, the Bride of Shrek, and PZ Myers at the Hilton Hotel, ready for dinner !

Charlie Foxtrot, Phasic, Bride of Shrek and me….

Pope Maledict and PZ Myers worshipping Chloe !

Wowbagger, Kel, and stranger girl whose name I have forgotten.

Stuart Bechman and Kylie Sturgess, the hosts of the GAC. Stu just looked way too much like Elvis.

Well, and then the show went on to Denmark, and we met PZ again in Copenhagen for the Gods&Politics conference. I got to meet Rebecca Watson and Sid Rodrigues, James Randi, Victor Stenger, Richard Dawkins briefly while he was ahead of me in the queue at the buffet, and PZ and Mary Myers, who I enjoyed talking to for an entire evening. I also got to meet some of the American and European Pharyngulites, which was awesome.

Knockgoats, Trine, Kristjan Wager, Jadehawk, Ye Olde Blacksmith, Sili, Windy, PZ Myers, Rorschach

Windy and Jadehawk….

We had quite a few beers here :

The people depicted know who they are, so I don’t have to post names here, but let me say that both those conferences were absolutely awesome, and I enjoyed meeting you guys !

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