A Price on Carbon – In Five Easy Steps


you are just making an “appeal to authority ” here and as touching as such faith based positions are they don’t make your case.

Why yes; rather than incorporating the equivalent of a post-graduate course in climate science here, I’m referring to every single one of the world’s scientific bodies as authority on science. (Go figure)

Again: perhaps you care to name but one national or international scientific organisation that disputes the science?

What is the actual evidence that shows that the planet is warming beyond natural variability and what is the evidence for a causal relationship between human activity and that perceived change?

Look for any site on the subject with an .edu or .gov domain for such information; they all have that information. (I have neither the time nor inclination to list them all!)

Like I said the theory can’t be verified by science

You’ve said it, but you’re bullshitting, and your bluster is futile.

I’m Australian, so I suggest you start here:

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