84-year old virgin in red robes declares marriage is between one man and one woman

Joseph Ratzinger, a theologian who was declared the representative on earth of an imaginary supernatural being by a scheming club of pedophilia enablers 6 years ago, has made it clear that for him, as an expert on matters of love and relationships, marriage has to remain between what he calls “a man and a woman”. Woefully unaware not only of the fact that a person’s sex is not a matter of being dealt a binary 0 or 1 by nature, but presumably of most matters of sexual attraction and practice, this man is also not content to keep his anachronistic views to himself, no, he likes to spew this garbage in messages he gets to deliver to the faithful by ways of his position of power and authority, “faithful” being a fancy term for a sammelsurium of people who are either undereducated, brainwashed, homophobic, opportunistic rightwing conservative, overly impressible, mentally unwell, or combinations of the above.
Here’s what Ratzinger had to say on the matter of gay marriage during his current visit to Germany, according to Reuters :

“We as Christians attach great importance to defending the integrity and the uniqueness of marriage between one man and one woman from any kind of misinterpretation,”

Sure, misinterpretations like, marriage might be a concept that could apply to any two people who love each other, since it would kinda make, like, sense that way ? I like the senile’s attitude of “what’s the world coming to”, tho :

“The world in which we live, in spite of its technical progress, does not seem to be getting any better,” he told the young people. “There is still war and terror, hunger and disease, bitter poverty and merciless oppression.”

Excuse me, but shouldn’t that be “in spite of our claim that a celestial Mel Gibson is watching over us, interacts with us, appoints saints who have a direct dial to him, and cares about us, loves us, and had his son killed for us” ?
Oh, and as to the claim that there is more terror, hunger and poverty now than there was in earlier times, Stephen Pinker would disagree.

Nothing annoys me more than the fact that a senile virgin in robes can claim heavenly authority to make life miserable for millions of loving couples around the globe. And those Catholics who let this man and his club of geront priests spew their message of hate and bigotry without opposing or questioning it, in my view are just as guilty as the man himself. After all, Ratzinger and his cronies are just pretending to act in the name of their imaginary friend.

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