On the current atheism tone debate

“Accommodation” Isn’t that another word for “surrender”? Like Chamberlain accommodated the Nazis? Then the American Indians accommodated the Europeans?

For theists “accommodate” means to allow them to say and do whatever they please and for the rest of us, “respect” their nonsense and just STFU.

Someone please tell me, exactly how to do accommodate someone why wants to rule every aspect of your life, to tell you what to think, do and say, whether you believe in their religion or not?

It is almost impossible to “deconvert” an adult theist in any even. They have already rejected truth, logic, and reality. You cannot reason a person away from a position when they did not use reason to arrive at that position.

I have often been accused of being rude and insulting to theists. My reply is always, “What you perceive as insults are simply statements of observed fact.” I also remind them that, “You may not like what I say, but it is interesting that you have not attempted to prove that anything I have said is not true. That speaks very clearly to a rational person about the value of your case.”

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