My night with Amanda Palmer !

You see, I made my way up the coast to beautiful Newcastle last weekend. To see in concert at the Great Northern Hotel one Amanda Palmer, formerly of the Dresden Dolls :

I had wonderful,and may I add strictly platonic company on the trip, and when we got to the venue early to have some dinner first, the place was filling up rather slowly, but by the time the warm-ups were done torturing us, it had gotten quite crowded actually.
The concert wasn’t her greatest, lots of sad songs, slow songs, unknown or new songs, “Coin operated boy” pretty much the only recognizable hit she played. But the after-show made up for most of that. Amanda sat outside the pub, wrote autographs for an hour, signed posters, had her photo taken with fans, and was just very down-to-earth approachable. Here’s her signing autographs after the show :

Here’s me and Megan with Amanda :

She played “Creep” live, standing up on the bar as an encore, I have it recorded on the mobile, but WordPress wants me to shell out 100 bucks a year to host videos, so instead here’ s her playing it at Sydney Opera House a while ago, also on the Ukulele :

And for the Ukulele fans, here’s Amanda doing the Cure’s “In between days”(song starts at 1.50min) :

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