God abandoned the Rise Up Australia Party this Election Day

We haven’t had much to laugh about during and after the recent federal election campaign here in Australia, but a few glory details have since made everything a little bit better. For one there is the #indivotes saga, with Independent Cathy McGowan’s now as far as I can tell and calculate pretty much sealed win over Sophie Mirabella of the LNP.

But there was also the fun fact that god, he of “the bushfires are my way of telling you guys that I don’t like teh ghey buttsecks or abortions, and why don’t you like Israel more?” variety, commonly found in the heads of members of the tax-exempt religious charity Catch The Fire Ministries and in particular their leader and main representative of their political arm the Rise Up Australia Party, one Daniel Nalliah, of Sri Lankan origin it should be said, whose party’s main campaign slogan was “Keep Australia Australian”, did not really do very well in this election. The Sex Party did better.

Having had a look at some nationwide election results, the numbers for RUAP are not very impressive, to put it mildly. Which is good news, it tells me that the number of dumbfuck Pentecostal Christian homophobes and xenophobes is low in this country for now.

So here’s a snapshot of how all parties did nationwide when it came to first preferences, I marked the RUAP result:

And here the votes cast for Pastor Daniel:

So the RUAP got 0.37% of the national vote while the Australian Sex Party got 0.59%. And Pastor Daniel? The boss of Catch the Fire Ministries, who claims he can cure all kinds of ailments by directly talking to god? 0.00%.

That’s right folks. Pastor Daniel Nalliah the Sri Lankan who wants to keep Australia Australian got 0.00% of the vote in Victoria.

It may safely be said that if a god exists who cares about bushfires, gay sex and election results, then she just completely abandoned Pastor Daniel and the RUAP.

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