Elevatorgate – Meta edition

The only thing I found offensive in the RW video that started this whole mess was her over the top snarkiness at the end (paraphrasing): “I understand the confusion… Leave a comment if you’re still confused after this… Let’s see if I can break this down for you… That’s what we like to call ‘A joke’”

Oh, okay, lol, I guess…

I think, however, that that’s what we like to call a “bad joke.” Getting all snarky with people who called her on for correcting strawman to strawperson when it’s not something too amazingly far from the kind of thing that, being the outspoken feminist that she is, she might actually do? I don’t know, it just struck me as bad form.

The whole elevator thing? That was creepy, and I honestly don’t know what the issue is. It was good advice from her to those guys who think that’s a good idea.

Then, Stef is critical of her, and gets shot down from the podium, something I considered, again, bad form — balance of power, hell, you know the argument, even if you disagree with it; just my opinion.

I’m getting the impression that RW doesn’t take criticism too well. When RD criticises her, ooooooooohhh boy. Baby out with the bath-water, much? Yes, RD was somewhat of an ass in his comments. No argument. She does, however, expect him to learn from his mistakes, and I hope he does, too.

Just wondering if there’s an example of RW being in the wrong, being called on it, and taking it well and saying “Yeah, ok, that was out of order of me. My bad.” I haven’t read too much of her stuff, so I’m perfectly willing to accept that I’m getting the wrong impression of her.

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