Eat this, Ratzinger

I am not a fan of Lady Gaga’s music. But I do respect her for her public advocacy for gay rights, and the timing and location of her latest appearance could not have been more perfect, the ancient Circus Maximus in Rome, just after participants of a gay activist rally had openly criticized the Vatican and the Italian government for their stance on gay rights, in spitting distance from the heart of the Catholic Church, which still sees homosexuality as an aberration, at the recent Europride event.

The US pop diva [] criticised governments in eastern Europe and the Middle East for condemning young people to a life of isolation and discrimination and told the EuroPride rally: ”We’re all from the same DNA. We were just born this way.”

”I stand here as a woman of the world and I ask governments, with you, worldwide to facilitate our dream of equality,” said the singer, who wore a Versace dress and a green wig and later performed two of her hit singles.

Here’s the video of her speech :

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